Instructions / Instruction for use: Solcoseryl Eye Gel

Trade name of the drug – Solcoseryl eye gel

Dosage form: eye gel
Composition.Composition per 1 g
Active ingredient:
Solcoseryl (dialysate from the blood deproteinized dairy calves), based on the dry matter

Auxiliary ingredients: benzalkonium chloride 0.1 mh; 13.0 mg carmellose sodium; disodium edetate dihydrate - 1.0 mg; 70% sorbitol (crystalline) water for injection - up to 1.0 g

A colorless or slightly yellow slightly opalescent fluid gel without smell or with a weak specific smell.

Pharmacotherapeutic group- The stimulator of tissue regeneration.
ATC code 801ŐŔ

Pharmacological Properties

Active ingredient Solcoseryl drug is chemically and biologically standardized dialysate containing a wide range of low-molecular components of cell mass and blood serum of calves milk with a molecular weight up to 5000V (glycoproteins, nucleosides and nucleotides, oligopeptides, amino acids).
Solcoseryl eye gel improves the resistance of tissues to hypoxia. It activates cell metabolism by increasing the transport and accumulation of glucose and oxygen, strengthening the intracellular recycling. Thus, the ATP accelerated metabolism, increase cell energy resources.

Healing effect Solcoseryl manifested in the increase of corneal re-epithelialization after suffering chemical burns (alkali), inflammation, injury.

Carmellose sodium, part of the eye Solcoseryl gel as adjuvant, provides uniform and lasting coverage of the cornea, whereby the active substance is continuously fed into the affected tissue.

The pharmacokinetic characteristics (absorption, distribution, excretion) can not be studied using standard pharmacokinetic techniques, as Solcoseryl contains in its composition of blood components and materials for the body physiology.

  • 1.Mechanical damage to the cornea and conjunctiva (erosion, trauma), to accelerate the healing process of postoperative scar the cornea and conjunctiva in the postoperative period (after keratoplasty, cataract extraction, anti-glaucomatous operations).
  • 2. Corneal Burns: chemicals (acids and alkalis), thermal, radiation (exposure to UV, X-ray and other radiation.).
  • 3. Corneal ulcer, keratitis (bacterial, viral, fungal etiology), including neuroparalytic. in the epithelization stage, combined with antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal drugs.
  • 4.Corneal Dystrophy various origins (in Vol. H. Bullous keratopathy).
  • 5. Conjunctival corneal lagophthalmos.
  • 6."Dry" kerato-conjunctivitis.
  • 7. In order to reduce the timing of adaptation to the hard and soft contact lenses, and improve their portability.

Hypersensitivity to the drug.Pregnancy (due to lack of evidence from studies of efficacy and safety).
Age of 1 year (due to the lack of these studies the efficacy and safety).

Dosing and Administration
If the doctor has not been instructed otherwise, instilled 3-4 times a day by one drop to the ocular Solcoseryl gel conjunctival sac until complete disappearance of symptoms.

In severe cases, you can dig Solcoseryl gel eye I once per hour. When using eye drops and Solcoseryl eye gel, the gel is applied last, and not earlier than 15 minutes after the drops.
To adapt to the rigid contact lenses Bury Solcoseryl eye gel directly into the conjunctival sac prior to installation and after lens removal.

When backfilling should not touch your hands to the spout-pipette.

It is recommended to close the tube immediately after use of the drug.
Side effect
There are local reactions: rarely - transient slight burning sensation, which is not a reason for discontinuation of the drug; allergic individual.

Overdose (intoxication) drug
Manifestations of toxic action in the case of drug overdose Solcoseryl gel eye was observed.

Interaction with other drugs
Solcoseryl ophthalmic gel may be used in combination with most ophthalmic drugs.
The natural metabolites of the drug Solcoseryl eye gel may reduce the effectiveness of topically applied anti-nucleoside derivatives virostatic action, such as acyclovir or idoxuridine.

Special Instructions
Solcoseryl gel ophthalmic preservative comprises benzalkonium chloride and trace amounts of p-hydroxybenzoates (E 216 and E 218) and the free benzoic acid (E210), used in the production process. This fact should be taken into account when treating patients susceptible to allergic reactions to these components.
Immediately after treatment Solcoseryl eye gel may be a short-term decline in sharpness of vision, therefore, for 20-30 minutes after application of the gel Solcoseryl eye patients should refrain from activities potentially hazardous activities (driving, operating machinery, and so on. D.) .

Release Form
Gel eye in aluminum tubes of 5 g Tuba, together with instructions for use placed in a cardboard box.

Storage conditions
At a temperature of 15 to 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life
5 years. Do not use the drug after the expiry date stated on the package.
Conditions of supply of pharmacies
On prescription.